Basic MIXER and AMP Instructions


1) Set all fader controls (sliding switches) at base of Yamaha mixer (top shelf) all the way down.

2) Plug in mic and guitar cables to appropriate channels.

                Combo TRS/XLR connectors are at the top edge of the mixer face.

3) Turn on input devices (mic, instrument, etc.).

4) Turn on mixer (power switch - right rear by power cord).

5) Be sure the two Gain controls on left side of amp (middle shelf in cabinet) are set high (on 9 or 10).

6) Turn on amp (power switch – right front), blue light comes on when powered up.

7) Depress the ON switches for each mixer channel you are using (they’ll light up).

8) Set the STEREO OUT Master fader (red sliding switch on right face of mixer) to the “0” position

    and press its ON switch.

9) Set each channel fader to create the desired initial balance for the attached input device.

10) Adjust the overall volume using the STEREO OUT Master fader.

11) Adjust EQ settings for each channel using green dials.


                  The upper white knob for each channel controls the gain for the input device.


                  The upper yellow  knob for each channel controls compression (which is not needed and                      should be zeroed out). 

12) For effects, adjust the EFFECT Program Dial (right center of mixer face) for the desired effect, depress the EFFECT ON switch (it lights).

 13) To shut down: reset all fader controls down, turn off ON switches, turn off amp, turn off mixer, unplug mic and guitar cables.


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