Shows at the Driskill Bar are expected to start on time. Load in at least 30 minutes before scheduled show time through the 7th Street entrance to the Driskill Bar (between Congress and Brazos). Discounted valet parking at the main hotel entrance on Brazos is available (have valet ticket stamped at bar).

The Driskill Bar furnishes a PA system (Yamaha mixer, Crown amp, EV speakers, but no monitors). Performers must provide mics, stands, and cables in addition to any guitar/bass amps (direct guitar plug-in to the mixer is fine, too) and manage sound. Also, the on-stage Baldwin concert grand piano is available for use. Please moderate the use of drums. Keep the volume reasonable for the size of the crowd: too little is better than too much. 

Please dress accordingly for an upscale venue: no t-shirts or ripped jeans.

No videotaping of a performance is allowed without the hotel’s express permission.

Performers will be asked to fill out a W-9 tax form when first playing the Driskill Bar and normally a check will be mailed within a week of the performance date. Sets are usually two hours long with a 15 minute break in the middle (unless otherwise noted). A tip jar is provided, but no signs asking for tips or passing the tip jar are allowed. CDs and band merchandise may be sold. 

If you have any problems in fulfilling your obligation to perform, please contact Rod Crawford as soon as possible at 512-415-0280 or Do not call the hotel or schedule someone else in your place without approval.
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